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The Last Judgement
The Last Judgment
By Joseph Heintz the Younger
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Music: Spem in Alium
By Thomas Tallis



Local Attractions

Willow Creek is a small working farm nestled in the rolling hills of rural northwestern Illinois just 45 miles southeast from historic, haunted Galena. Considered by paranormal investigators and others to be one of the most haunted private residences in the state the farm is also much more!

Visiting the Farm

Although Paranormal investigations are not permitted the farm is available on a limited basis for weekend stays from April through November at no charge for those who want to enjoy it and the surrounding area’s attractions. 

Visits are on a select, first come first reserved basis by invitation only and are restricted to six (6) people or fewer! 

Requests can be made by writing to:  hauntedwillowcreekfarm@yahoo.com.

Two bedrooms are available for guests, one with a twin bed and the other with a single bed.  Guests can bring sleeping bags and air mattresses to sleep in the living and family rooms or camp in the backyard during in the spring, summer and fall seasons. 

Single overnight stays are from early Friday evening to Saturday morning 10:00AM or Saturday mid-afternoon to Sunday morning 10:00AM. Weekend visits are from early Friday evening to Sunday morning 10:00AM.

Please remember that the farm is a private residence and NOT a commercial, haunted attraction!  The Owner reserves the right to decline any and all requests for a visit.

Visit the farm on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hauntedwillowcreekfarm

Note from the Owner

My journey with the supernatural continues to evolve since moving to Willow Creek Farm. During my first full year of residency (2007), I needed confirmation that experiences were not the result of an over active imagination. I got caught-up in a vicious cycle of constantly second-guessing myself even when I knew the experiences were real; the solution, invite paranormal teams to investigate.

By 2008 personal experiences at the farm had profoundly affected me and investigations, although not inconsequential, became secondary. As I gradually accepted my situation I came to believe that Willow Creek and all it represented was a gift to be shared. I wanted to offer a place where people might have a paranormal experience, perhaps even their first. I hoped that visitors would be deeply moved as I was and take time to reflect upon the complete experience and its meaning. To me this was something that shouldn't have a price. Visitors would be my guests and there would be no charge for access to the farm!

My opinions and understanding of the supernatural are constantly changing with more questions than answers but I am certain of one thing; the existence of a supreme, intelligent, divine force that created and unifies all is a reality. This is repeatedly confirmed to me through the miracle of experiencing the spirits. An ongoing journey into the unknown continues to affect and move me in profound ways. It is not mine to own or a journey to be taken alone. It is a journey to be shared with others for our enlightenment!

Willow Creek Farm is private property. This website and its contents are copyrighted. Any use of its contents without written permission is strictly prohibited.